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  • george petit said:

    Hi there –

    I hope someone out there in the guitar world can assist me on this…

    I recently bought a Collings CLJ from The Music Emporium up near Boston. (Joe and the rest of fantastic folks at that shop!!!)..four months ago in fact. The reason for the purchase was this…

    I ‘had’ a lovely Gibson L5 Signature in Tangerine Burst for about 9 years…really fantastic guitar. Three years ago, I had a BAD fall whilst skiing (go on, call me a moron…I dare ya…) which tore my ‘labral tendon’ in my right shoulder to the point of no return. I either do the surgery or a shit load of physical therapy and deal with it. I went for the latter, my wife being a Physical Terrorist….sorry, Therapist.

    Throughout the last two years, playing the ‘Signature’ became an issue…the ‘depth’ of the body causing me to move my shoulder ‘forward’ to get around the guitar’s bout whilst playing in a standing position…and the pain became such that 15 minutes would have me in EXTREME discomfort. So the guitar LIVED in its case for near on 9 months. That’s just WRONG.

    The obvious remedy?…a thinline guitar.

    After lots of searching, I first settled on a Collings I-35 Deluxe with a custom shaped neck that is STILL to this day a ‘lifer’ for me. It is a dream and I will never part with it. It took care of my ‘rock’, ‘blues’, and ‘modern jazz’ needs – – and then some!

    But I still play a lot of quintet-based Jazz…that was the job for the ‘L5 Signature’…so I obviously had to replace that guitar. I sold it to a lovely gent in the UK. And then bought the Collings CLJ, thinking that its thinline design and Bill Colling’s mastery would translate for me…

    It did not.

    Whilst the Collings CLJ is magnificent, it is not the ‘right guitar’ for my jazz needs…it plays absurdly well, the finish (Merlot) is a mind blower…and the floating Lollar pickup makes this instrument probably the best small archtop for trio and solo work out there…

    But my work is not ‘quiet’ !!! I use effects and occasionally need to kinda…well…RIP into the music…hard picking style, etc…

    The old L5 Signature had ‘the sound’…but I need the thinline because of the shoulder issue…so I have decided to try to get and L5CT…one from the 90’s…a “reissue” if you will…burst? Natural? As long as it’s not RED…like the one on ebay with the crack on the body…lovely looking, but the crack scares me.

    So here’s the bottom line…

    I want to ‘trade’ or ‘exchange’ (you pick a word…) my minty, magnificent (photo below) Collings CLJ for a mid 90’s Gibson L5CT (the model with the two humbuckers, please)…the CT needs to be a ‘player’ in great shape, with fret life…straight neck…a good guitar, please, we’re all in the same biz here…

    I bought the Collings for $7650 three months ago (glad to send a copy of the bill of sale!) It has played three or four gigs, it’s been baby’d and it’s GORGEOUS. So you could probably move it for about $7k+….

    I’ve seen old sales of the CT that I seek for about $6k.

    Simply put…it’s a straight trade. If you can make a good profit for yourself, great. I just need the RIGHT guitar…please be honorable here, folks…Karma works!

    If you have one, or can help out, PLEASE contact me at the email included herein…

    Many thanks –

    George Petit
    914 774 4491

  • tim said:

    …..hey….I need your wisdom. I just bought a 72 es 325…..yeah the kings of leon hype peaked my interest. So this one has Gibson on the mini humbuckers….a 3 wedge design on the tailpiece….and a harmonica bridge…….most (including Caleb’s) have a single diamond tailpiece and a tune o matic bridge. Any idea what I bought…..serial #161422….thanks

  • David McCune said:

    Brand spanking new to your site. I’m stoked! All I find so far is mostly sales oriented. Imagine that, right. Any way I may start a blog?

    I have a 1942c Epiphone Deluxe Archtop Electric that I have been researching for years. I finally found a blacksmith to make a tailpiece. The old one having split at the seam. The guitar is very close to playable. It is not a reconstruction story. More of a “follow me as I hunt for parts.” I need to repair or find the perfect tailpiece. I need the most original tuning machines. The action is a beast! What is the best gauge strings? Heavy gauge strings are needed to make the heavy sound board resonate. Heavy gauge also places the greatest stress upon the neck and tailpiece. You see where I’m going.

    Whaddya think?

  • Ken said:

    I have that 1962 Guild Starfire II you have in the picture. Now in my sixties it’s time to sell it. It sounds as good as it looks. This Guitar has a very interesting past. And it will I’m sure have a wonderful future.Feel free to contact me at Kennadetail@aol.com

  • Pete Thomas said:

    Looking for a repro tailpiece for my ’48 sunburst mahogany ES-300 .. either the Gibson(hinged es-175 type) or Kluson (f holes) .. mine had the tailpiece replaced by a very simple generic archtop type back in the 60’s and the orig is nowhere to be found. I have located some vintage pieces, but they are too $$$. A nice nickle repro would be perfect .. anybody make these?

    ps . this guitar has been in my family since new and has been in my possession last 20 yrs.

    Thanks !!!

  • Pete Thomas said:

    Can anyone tell me which model Bigsby is correct for an archtop such as ES-300? Thinking about adding one in lieu of orig. tailpiece.

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